Performance Testing


Where did we test?
  • UCI MTB World Cup Downhill series
  • EWS MTB Enduro World Series
  • USA Pro GRT downhill series
  • USA Enduro Cup series
  • British Enduro series – UK

Why race testing? 
 Worst case conditions on extreme terrain.

StrandedDreaded rim dent
Sidewall pinch flat Destroyed Rim beyond repair

With whom? Top athletes of MTB racing







How did we do?
2015 Enduro World Series pro woman series champion, Tracy Moseley
2015 UCI Junior Men Downhill Worlds, 1st Laurie Greenland
2016 UCI Elite Men World Cup Downhill series champion, Aaron Gwin
2016 USA National Downhill Champion, Aaron Gwin
2016 UCI Elite Men Downhill Worlds, 14th place Charlie Harrison

What did we learn? The mountainbike world has needed a product like Flat Tire Defender® for a long time.  We've compiled our data, athlete's feedback & lab results into one amazing product!



 Wheel Energy Laboratory, Nastola, Finland -  Using extreme test methods with state of the art test devises. 

  Rolling Resistance devise – measures moment of inertia and rotating friction in watts

  • 1200mm rotating drum with diamond plate surface
  • Drum speed 0 to 15 mph
  • Load 110lbs
  • Coast testing on paved road with slight up hill – no wind - no chain – no brakes
  • All tests using same type Alloy rim (28mm inner width), same type 27.5x2.50 tire, all 25 psi TLR with 4oz sealant.

Summary: Using foam insert, requires slightly more effort to get out of the gate. Once at speed the watts are hardly measurable. Coast down test proved the biggest benefit and mirrored our test rider comments “foam insert help carry momentum thru corners and over rough terrain”.

Guillotine devise - measure sidewall strength and pinch flat devise:

Foam Insert system – 28 inch drop

Foam Insert system – 30 inch drop

Foam Insert system – 32 inch drop

Procedure: All tests using same type Alloy rim (28mm inner width), same type 27.5x2.50 tire, all 25 psi TLR with 4oz sealant and 30 lb drop weight:

Summary: Assembly without foam insert only managed two light hits before flatting. Assembly with foam insert took several hits at max height before losing air; allowing 20% higher impact force.