A. Flat Tire Defender® has a no warranty, no replacement cost policy. All sales are final. Flat Tire Defender® is designed to use with air pressure in the tire. If air pressure is lost during a ride which is typically from; improper installation, tire bead damage, incorrect tire for terrain, tread puncture, sidewall cut, rim damage and/or incorrect tire pressure, the load is put solely on the foam inserts. Although the Flat Tire Defender® provides an added layer of protection between tire sidewall and rim edge, the excessive load on the foam insert can only absorb so much of the impact when traveling over rough terrain; roots, rocks, jumps, high cornering loads, etc. The impact is then transferred directly on the wheel assembly which can result in damage to tire, rim and/or wheel assembly.

A. It depends on the terrain, tire pressure, sealant brand, suspension set up, rim fitment and rider ability. Under normal conditions our foam inserts have lasted 6 months (and more) of hard riding. For best results, we recommend removing the inserts every 3-4 weeks for cleaning & changing the tire sealant.

A. Based on Flat Tire Defender field testing, we’ve found on average, tire pressure can be reduced approximately 10% from a tubeless tire pressure without foam inserts.

PSI Guide*

FTD II (27.5″ & 29″): Range 24psi to 29psi

FTD II (E-Bike): Range 26psi to 32psi

*Tire pressure is very difficult to recommend due to the number of variables in tire brand, tire casing structure, rubber compound, rim brand, rim material, rim inner width, bike/suspension set up, rider ability, terrain, etc.

Flat Tire Defender has performed extensive field testing using a wide range of tire pressures to best determine a PSI guide. Please remembered this is only a guide. It’s up to each Flat Tire Defender user to determine the proper tire inflation pressure that best suits their choice of tire, rim, terrain, bike set up, suspension set up and riding ability.

A. Yes. Foam inserts are designed to run tubeless and sealant is required to seal tire casing, tire bead and rim leaks.

A. Flat Tire Defender® foam inserts are made of closed cell material so they keep the sealant from penetrating and affecting the foam insert performance. However, tire sealant has a tendency to ‘cling’ especially as it dries. So you may see some sealant build up on the foam insert after use, much like the sealant build up you see on the inside of your tire after use. We recommend removing the inserts every 3-4 weeks for cleaning & changing the tire sealant.

A. Using Flat Tire Defender inserts does allow you to keep riding in the event of a cut tire – air loss. However, all Flat Tire Defender inserts are designed to use with air pressure inside the tire… please see our tire pressure guide. When air is lost inside the tire, the tire/rim/wheel assembly are not strong enough to support the impact load of bike, rider, speed & terrain. Therefore, speed must be reduced especially on rough/rocky terrain, or you take the risk of losing control and/or further damage to the rim/tire/wheel assembly. We’ve had riders cut their tire during a race run or trail ride and continue riding but at a much slower speed. Most times, there able to make it back to their vehicle or home to make repairs.