Straight from @dannyhart1 .
#worldchampion #worldchamp #ftd #flattiredefender #ridedefended @madisonsaracen @madison.cycles
Tags: ridedefended, worldchampion, flattiredefender, worldchamp, ftd
You know what they say...if it was easy everybody would be doing it! And you are strong 💪 #gogirl #staystrong #mtbfun Tags: staystrong, mtbfun, gogirl
What a year for strong women in mountain biking and very proud of Flat Tire Defender Project Team racer @cooperdendelott to hold up the first place trophy, end of season event @bigmountainenduro Congratulations Cooper and thanks for your confidence in ... Tags: enduromtb, girlstrength, confidence
Are you ready for ‘Worlds’ guess who is...alert🚀we have lift off ready to go!! @matthewsterling213 #worldcup2019 #mtbfun #beready Tags: worldcup2019, mtbfun, beready
Who’s going to the USOpen Mountain Bike event in Snow Summit, September 12-15...We are !!!and promoter, Clay Harper is gonna make you work for it at the Flat Tire Defender Rock Garden!! Be prepared so the ‘Rock garden’ doesn’t bite ...
2 amazing women who are such mentors to all of us💪thanks for rolling with us all these years👌👌#girlstrong #challenges #trailriding Tags: trailriding, girlstrong, challenges
Just like rubber, your rebound was awesome. Can’t wait to watch you in UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, Snow Shoe, West Virginia. Congrats @nekomulally @intensefactoryracing @nathhughesphoto #mountainbike #snowshoemountain #bikerlifestyle Tags: bikerlifestyle, snowshoemountain, mountainbike
So proud of . They have been with us since we launched in 2017 and they never give up! Smashing, rolling, u name it they’ve tamed it! Congrats 🏆#stayfocused #mtb #strongwill Tags: stayfocused, strongwill, mtb
Awesome to see @dannyhart1 setting the bar high for the World Cup DH Race in Lenzerheide! The talent of riders this 2019 season is amazing and only separated with tenth of seconds. Who will win the championship in Snow Shoe, ... Tags: nailbiter, whowillwin, championships, mtb
Thanks to all the riders and staff that make Eastern States Cup such an awesome success and ‘fun’ for everyone. Very cool to be sponsoring with our Flat Tire Defender product!! Bravo George 🏆#easternstatescup #funontheweekend #enduromtb #downhill Tags: easternstatescup, enduromtb, downhill, funontheweekend
Amazing power this lad has...congrats on an awesome run finishing on the podium. Well done @dannyhart1 @madisonsaracen @scottyderg #makesitlookeasy #powerful #mtb Tags: powerful, makesitlookeasy, mtb
The world can’t wait for AG to be back thrashing and smashing and neither can we! @aarongwin1 @intensecycles @nathhughesphoto #waitingpatiently #strongerthenever #preparedness Tags: waitingpatiently, preparedness, strongerthenever
Girl power on the Big Mountain Enduro this pass weekend with Flat Tire Defender Project Team rider, Cooper Ott rolling in with 2nd place💪congrats Coop!! Side bar to this from Coop...”2 weeks ago at Winter Park suffered a puncture at ... Tags: enduromtb, bigmountainenduro, challenges, mtbgirls
Congratulations Neko👌2019 USA Cycling National DH Champion🥇🏆 so proud of your return to the podium with a big win and honored that you continue to have confidence in @flattiredefend @nekomulally @mommamulally @intensefactoryracing #windrockpark #winner #champion #mountainbike Tags: winner, windrockpark, champion, mountainbike
Look out world here comes Neko! Kick bootie dude 💪
Congrats to Danny Hart on his 2019 DH National Champ win! We’re proud to have Danny on @flattiredefend who puts his runs to the test on every mountain he beats! #makeithappen #ukmtb #downhillmountainbiking #madisonsaracen Tags: madisonsaracen, makeithappen, ukmtb, downhillmountainbiking
A ‘glider’ in flight is supported by the dynamic reaction of air & does not have an engine yet powerful enough to self launch, hence #mtb #redbull #ukmtb @flattiredefend Let’s get ready for Les Gets! Tags: redbull, ukmtb, mtb
Set the alarm for @redbullbike as AG and the Shark face the challenge of Andorra...Saturday early USA ...split seconds of racing ...intense 💪#intensefactoryracing #downhill Tags: intensefactoryracing, downhill
With the 3rd UCI World Cup Downhill event at Andorra the stage is set and @dannyhart1 ready to roll @flattiredefend @madison.cycles #redbull #ukmtb #bikeparkwales Tags: redbull, ukmtb, bikeparkwales
Even when @tracy_moseley is having fun practicing with the Trek team T-MO still knows how to rule the rocks and roots! Thanks for your confidence @flattiredefend @world_enduro @madison.cycles
Girl Power was rocking in Snowshoe💪with Flat Tire Defender Project Team riders @shellpageau @caroline.washam Taming the mountain 👍#girlsrock #podium #easternstatescup Tags: easternstatescup, girlsrock, podium
Congratulations to new 2019 Pro GRT Champion @nekomulally always had confidence in this guy and so proud that he’s had confidence in @flattiredefend all these years! Kick it in Andorra 💪👌#readytoride #redbull #mountainbike #champion Tags: redbull, mountainbike, readytoride, champion
Congrats Neko!! A top notch guy who’s always had confidence in @flattiredefend We love being one of your sponsors all these years👍👍thanks for rolling with us! @nekomulally @intensefactoryracing @windrockbikepark
Flat Tire Defender Project Team rider @n8thenatural having a cool day rolling and on one talent 👌👏#rollercoaster #pumptracks #fathersdayfun Tags: fathersdayfun, pumptracks, rollercoaster
You continue to show your strength, commitment and so awesome to see you on the podium again 👍Thanks for your continued confidence of @flattiredefend #redbull #downhillmountainbiking Tags: redbull, downhillmountainbiking
So proud to be the ‘foam insert’ of choice for @dannyhart1 ...split seconds between runs of top 5 riders in 3rd round UCI DH World Cup! Dry, loose rocks, roots became a test of the day ...Congratulations on a great ...
Round 3 UCI World Cup , 3 times a charm. The rocks will be a challenge but so proud you always choose @flattiredefend . Good luck to a great group of guys! Make the mountain look small💪#mountainbike #austria #downhillmountainbiking Tags: mountainbike, austria, downhillmountainbiking
Just read a weather quote - rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating, there really is no such thing as bad weather. Evidently this person has never been to Ft. William😳 Good luck @dannyhart1 and team!☔️#raingoaway #redbull ... Tags: redbull, mountainbike, funinthemud, raingoaway
Did you happen to see Superman flying at the same height..too fun cool. Good luck @fortwilliammtbworld @aarongwin1 @flattiredefend #raceday #downhillmountainbiking #redbull Tags: redbull, raceday, downhillmountainbiking
Congrats to FTD Project Team rider, Cooper Ott on win @bigmountainenduro season opener. Words from Cooper are a testament to what the inserts do for you! ‘The stages were super loose and gnarly with plenty of spots to pinch flat. ... Tags: makeithappen, enduromtb, mountainbike

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