Flat Tire Defender Project Team rider @n8thenatural having a cool day rolling and on one wheel..total talent 👌👏#rollercoaster #pumptracks #fathersdayfun Tags: fathersdayfun, pumptracks, rollercoaster
You continue to show your strength, commitment and so awesome to see you on the podium again 👍Thanks for your continued confidence of @flattiredefend #redbull #downhillmountainbiking Tags: redbull, downhillmountainbiking
So proud to be the ‘foam insert’ of choice for @dannyhart1 ...split seconds between runs of top 5 riders in 3rd round UCI DH World Cup! Dry, loose rocks, roots became a test of the day ...Congratulations on a great ...
Round 3 UCI World Cup , 3 times a charm. The rocks will be a challenge but so proud you always choose @flattiredefend . Good luck to a great group of guys! Make the mountain look small💪#mountainbike #austria #downhillmountainbiking Tags: mountainbike, downhillmountainbiking, austria
Just read a weather quote - rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating, there really is no such thing as bad weather. Evidently this person has never been to Ft. William😳 Good luck @dannyhart1 and team!☔️#raingoaway #redbull ... Tags: mountainbike, redbull, funinthemud, raingoaway
Did you happen to see Superman flying at the same height..too fun ...to cool. Good luck @fortwilliammtbworld @aarongwin1 @flattiredefend #raceday #downhillmountainbiking #redbull Tags: redbull, downhillmountainbiking, raceday
Congrats to FTD Project Team rider, Cooper Ott on win @bigmountainenduro season opener. Words from Cooper are a testament to what the inserts do for you! ‘The stages were super loose and gnarly with plenty of spots to pinch flat. ... Tags: mountainbike, makeithappen, enduromtb
Stop by @doubleblackbikes pits this weekend. The season is in full swing so if you want increased traction, sidewall stiffness and a great dampening feel with confidence,check us out @flattiredefend #beechmountain #downhillmountainbiking #beechmountainnc #raceday Tags: beechmountainnc, beechmountain, downhillmountainbiking, raceday
Congrats to our Project Team rider @caroline.washam on her first win of the season and trashing @flattiredefend The first time we met at Mont Sainte Anne 2018 with an injury of her day, we had no doubt then and not ... Tags: fierce, gogirl, mountainbike, determination
Thanks Flat Tire Defender Project Team rider, Branham.snyder, for your confidence...”Only the best! I smashed lots of rocks very hard, and my carbon wheels and I came out unscathed. Thank you!!👊@tds_enduro @world_enduro @staystrongbrand @jensonusa @madison.cycles @enduromag @easternstatescup
A lot of you are still wondering about the difficulty involved when installing a Flat Tire Defender so we’re putting together a couple new install (and removal!) videos to help out. As with anything, the right tools and the right ... Tags: easy, ridedefended, install, gravelbike, flattiredefender, cx, gravelgrinder, nothingtoit, cyclocross
We’re excited to partner again with USOpen as the ‘Official Foam Insert!’ We will be there with FTD product, free installation and several surprises but in the meantime are you prepared for summer competition or just fun riding the trails. ... Tags: mountainbike, familyfun
In a sport where competition is fierce within 4/10 of a second & the end may be good but not the result you wanted. There are only a few competitive sports where at the end of the day you shake ...
Every time you race, it’s a true test of testing Flat Tire Defender...you rock T-MO!!👍💪
When you truly have the only true ‘foam rubber insert ‘ to take this abuse on impacts of steel, you can count on Flat Tire Defender... thanks Josh for showing how it’s done💪💪#intensefactoryracing #testing #mtb #madisonsaracen #usopenmtb#mountainbike #easternstatescup #downhillmountainbiking #down Tags: mountainbike, easternstatescup, down, usopenmtb, intensefactoryracing, testing, madisonsaracen, downhillmountainbiking, mtb
For all you Eastern USA riders check out our ‘race distributor ‘ schedule for all your Enduro & Downhill Flat Tire Defender needs. @doubleblackbikes #enduromtb #downhill #windrockpark #gravitymtb Tags: windrockpark, downhill, enduromtb, gravitymtb
Germany may have figured out how to solve plastic water bottles trash issues...but in a biodegradable ‘box’ 😐
First World Cup DH is in the books and probably not the result this guy wanted to see but at then end of the day, he still has a smile on his face. An all round “champ”. Thanks for always ...
Congrats Danny! What a great run on the wicked Maribor mountain with only 4 tenths of a second from winning. Just thinking...can the humid eye blink that quick? Thanks for rolling with us @madison.cycles @madisonsaracen @dannyhart1 💪🤘🏼#mountainbike #raceday #speed @flattiredefend Tags: mountainbike, speed, raceday
1st World Cup DH is over and it was thrilling to see new teams and riders do their best to beat the elements of Maribor! You could feel the anticipation of the crowd as each timed run was posted... seconds ...
Race day is here as discussions are carrying on about the track after yesterday’s rain. Stay tuned for a smashing good day with light clouds and peeking sun. Here we go👌🤘🏼@nekomulally @intensefactoryracing @flattiredefend
Seems like it’s been too long to wait for the 1st World Cup Downhill but here we go👌cool air in the mountain with clouds making their appearance softly surrounded with massive anticipation by riders and teams...qualifying up soon. #dh #saturdayfun ... Tags: mtb, dh, saturdayfun
Hard to believe how long ago it was that Neko tested our first Flat Tire Defender 2014? And now sponsoring @nekomulally since 2016!! Smashing great years ...👌🔥👍#mtb #intensefactoryracing #raceday Tags: intensefactoryracing, mtb, raceday
We’re proud to be part of the Madison Saracen team & Danny Hart...see you all in Maribor for the first UCI DH World Cup this weekend. Catch the event live @redbullbike @flattiredefend 🔥
Just when you thought u saw it all! This guy ran the LA marathon and can honestly say ‘America truly runs on Dunkin’ Donuts 🍩#runningshoes #marathon #coffeeshop Tags: marathon, runningshoes, coffeeshop
A sweet day of testing 👍🏽thanks for taking us on your ride and @flattiredefend giving you the confidence to complete your ride🙌#mountainbike #forestofdean #mtblife Tags: mtblife, mountainbike, forestofdean
Luminous clouds make this shot even more ‘Intense’🌥🌪
If you’re heading to Windrock Downhill Southeast Race this weekend, stop by the @doubleblackbikes pit to check out @flattiredefend foam inserts! Hands down the easiest insert to install, real foam rubber, close cell so it doesn’t absorb sealant and other ...
So proud to have @aarongwin1 @nekomulally @jackmoir_ on Flat Tire Defender again this season. The boys know how to rock & roll down the roughest terrain on local and @redbullbike #redbullbike World Cup Downhill events🤙🔥 Tags: redbullbike
Truly proud to have this small but mighty chick on Flat Tire Defender product 🤙🙌

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