• FTD II Tubeless Tire FTD II Tubeless Tire

    FTD II

    FTD II is 40% wider to maximize rim protection and dampen out suspension harshness on rough terrain, 30% taller to maximize tire sidewall support and allow lower tire pressure for increased traction, light weight to minimize rolling resistance and un-sprung weight, excellent high quality foam rubber based material (no pool noodle here). All this at a very affordable price!
    • Fits Inner Rim width 28mm to 40mm
    • Kit Contains Foam Insert & Valve Stem
    • Super glue is provided to assist in adhering the two ends together. View Install Guide.
    • Recommended Tire Width 2.30/2.80
    • 27.5" Weight 200-220 grams (each)
    • 29" Weight 230-250 grams (each)
    • FREE Shipping in USA
  • Gravel Cyclo Cross foam tire insert Gravel Tubeless Tire
    With the growing popularity of Gravel riding and customer requests for Cyclo Cross racing foam inserts, Flat Tire Defender® went to work and designed, developed and tested a 'true foam rubber insert' to meet the performance demands and minimize rotating weight for Gravel & Cyclo Cross applications.
    • 700C fits tire width 30mm to 45mm
    • Two piece kit only. Contains 2 foam inserts & 2 valve stems
    Features & Benefits:
    • Increases traction
    • Allows lower tire pressure
    • Helps protect rims & tire sidewall
    • Reduces rolling resistance
    • Improves tire absorption on rough terrain
    • Tubeless fitment only
    • Weight 120-140 grams (each)
    • FREE shipping in USA
    Watch Install Video:  

    ‘No Clog’® valve designed for all tubeless (TLR) mountain bike wheel assemblies as well as mountain bike wheel assemblies using foam inserts.
    • Four opening design to maximize sealant and air flow
    • Rectangular top fits majority of curved & channeled rim bed shapes
    • Two O-ring sealing to stop air loss
    • One size (40mm stem) fits majority of alloy & carbon rim heights
    • Special anodized coating
    • Replaceable core
    • Aluminum valve cap
    • Each order contains two (2) Valve Stems
    • FREE shipping in USA