Flat Tire Defender Recommended Tire Pressure Guide

Based on Flat Tire Defender field testing, we’ve found on average, tire pressure can be reduced approximately 10% from a tubeless tire pressure without foam inserts.

PSI Guide*

FTD II (27.5″ & 29″): Range 24psi to 29psi

FTD II (E-Bike): Range 26psi to 32psi

*Tire pressure is very difficult to recommend due to the number of variables in tire brand, tire casing structure, rubber compound, rim brand, rim material, rim inner width, bike/suspension set up, rider ability, terrain, etc.

Flat Tire Defender has performed extensive field testing using a wide range of tire pressures to best determine a PSI guide. Please remembered this is only a guide. It’s up to each Flat Tire Defender user to determine the proper tire inflation pressure that best suits their choice of tire, rim, terrain, bike set up, suspension set up and riding ability.