• DOWNHILL 26 inch KIT



    *Valve Stems are 35mm long; oval top; suitable for curve-shaped rim bed and rim depth 25mm and under
    ** Longer Valve Stems are available on the shopping page for an additional cost 
    *** All Sales Are Final

    Recommended rim size & width:

    * 26 inch rim

    * Inner rim width 22 to 30 mm (Optimum inner rim width is 24 to 28mm)

    Recommended tire size: 26 x 2.30/2.50

    Tire pressure guide: Range from 26psi to 32psi  *

    *Tire pressure is very difficult to recommend due to the number of variables in tire brand, tire casing structure, rubber compound, rim brand, rim material, bike/suspension set up, rider ability, terrain, etc.  
    Flat Tire Defender has performed extensive field testing using a variety of tire brands, rim brands, rim inner width, bike/suspension set up and rider levels. Based on these tests, Flat Tire Defender offers a tire pressure guide shown on our website product information & order pages for your reference. Please remembered this is only a guide. It's up to each Flat Tire Defender user to determine the proper tire inflation pressure that best suits their choice of tire, rim, terrain, bike set up, suspension set up and riding ability. 

    Weight  (average) : 275 grams (average)

    USA: On average 5-10 business days after order is processed
    INTERNATIONAL:  On average 15-20 business days after order is processed, depending on International Customs Clearance delays

    Flat Tire Defender Foam Inserts features & benefits:

    ·          Pinch flat protection

    ·          Allows lower tire pressure

    ·          Minimizes tire & rim damage

    ·          Minimizes tire sidewall roll over

    ·          Tubeless application only

    ·          Foam Insert is airless

    ·          Reduces vibration created by wheel assembly

    ·          Inspired by motorcycle off road technology

    ·          Fits modern day wide rim & popular tire brands 

    ·          Race proven & developed by professional athletes