OUR mission is to never settle for average but be the best by creating a continual advantage for our customers.  With over 35 years in motorcycle & bicycle industries, we rely on our knowledge & technology creating the most innovative products that excite our customers without limits & always pushing the envelope.  Our location in Arizona enables us to test products in worst-case conditions at temperatures brutal to rubber & longevity.  Testing is accomplished world-wide with ‘world class racers,’ who understand damping as well as inertia…a uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force. Which we know as downhill at lickety-split speeds over the most demanding mountains & trails with the difference between finishing or not!

We are a family of adventure, dreams, exploration and continue to seek our passion for innovative technology bringing our products to customers that want the very best results their souls can produce.


‘Two wheels’ has been our life and business with Frank working at the family motorcycle shop in Buffalo, NY. With a blistering pace, Frank raced professionally in motocross, Supercross & world Enduro and then was hired by Dunlop Tire Corporation as a ‘certified test rider’ traveling world-wide. With his racer background and an engineer desire to know every aspect of ‘black & round’ off-road tires, he became known as the ‘tire guru’, taking leaps to design/R&D, start-to-finish, mountain bike tires for the worlds’ largest bicycle companies.

Motorcycles were almost Carol’s birth-right as she carried the AMA torch for 15 years, following in her father’s footsteps, who was ‘Competition Director’ of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) professional racing for 30 years. Gracefully but with an aggressive attitude, Carol found her passion committing to advertising, sponsorship sales in NASCAR and managing breast cancer fundraisers for those who couldn’t help themselves.

1995 saw the birth of their parent company, Stacy Testing LLC, rolling their movement forward into R&D and development of Flat Tire Defender® Foam Inserts for consumers and racers worldwide with an attitude. And so the journey moves on.

About Stacy & Carol