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Aaron Gwin – 5X UCI World Cup Series Champion

Aaron Gwin – Downhill World Cup Champion 2017

(photo by Isaac Paddock)

“The FTD system has truly been a game changer for me. The rim protection is a big advantage but the thing I love the most is the way they feel make the bike feel. The system really takes away the harshness of square edge hits, bumps, and rocks making any trail feel instantly smoother. I’ve had problems with my hands hurting at World Cup races in the past and the FTD system has pretty much eliminated that problem as well. This is one of those products that I just simply wouldn’t race without now.”

John Hall – Factory Mechanic for Aaron Gwin

John Hall – World Cup Mechanic for Aaron Gwin

(photo by Isaac Paddock)
“The advantages gained from running Flat Tire Defender don’t stop at preventing rim strikes and flat tires. With more time spent on it, we’re finding the riders prefer to use it in both the front and the rear wheels as opposed to just the rear, where damage is most likely to occur. There are a couple reasons for this with the first one being that once up to speed; the added rotational speed helps give the feeling of smoothing out rougher sections. This is most likely due to the second reason we’ve found through rider feedback, which is that this system actually initiates the bicycles suspension just a fraction sooner and the riders love it. Adding confidence, speed and cutting fractions off lap times. There’s no doubt Flat Tire Defender has helped us win races at the elite level of downhill racing.”

Max Morgan – Windrock Pro GRT – August 2018

“While riding the Flat Tire Defender, it didn’t take long to notice the benefits it provided. The biggest thing for me is the added rim protection and additional confidence it delivers, allowing you to ride without any hesitation. The FTD also adds a subtle dampness that takes away some of the harshness that can run all the way up to the handlebars. This keeps your hands feeling fresh all weekend long! The oval shape keeps the foam insert from pinching and slicing like other rectangular foam inserts out there.”

Issac Allaire-Sugarbush ESC

Isaac Allaire –FTD Project Team – Sugarbush VT Eastern States Cup – 7/15/18

“So pumped to win both Downhill & Enduro races this weekend at Sugarbush VT Eastern States Cup.  Got through the Enduro Sunday morning, had a small crash on stage one but strong results on the rest of the stages.  The Downhill was going great til 1 minute in I heard my front tire spraying sealant; I had sliced my tire.  Immediately I thought my run was over.  I kept going and it sealed “enough” still seemed very soft, but my ‘flat tire defender’ saved my butt and made it rideable. Rideable enough to take the win!  The tire read 9psi at the bottom.  These inserts are the real deal, anyone who races Enduro or Downhill should have a set!”


Rachel Pageau

Rachel Pageau –FTD Project Team

“Joined the Flat Tire Defender team a few weeks ago and have been running them in my bikes the last races & lemme tell you, it makes a difference even for a small weight! They allow you to run lower PSI so you get more traction on track without hitting rims in rockier sections. I call that a deal!”

Photo by Zach Faulkner

Carson Eiswald – Instragram:  carson_eiswald – 7/28/18

“Most people I ride with know how much I love my @flattiredefend inserts. The extra damping, traction and rim protection they provide is something that you can’t get from anything else in your bike set up. For anyone who races dh or enduro, wants a smoother ride, or is tired of denting rims, these are a must have!   I highly recommend it! Makes long days in the park so much better.”

dean lindsey

Dean Lindsey – Instragram:  @deanmtbkid – October 2018

“Starting out, I thought that flat tire defenders would only be useful for protecting my rim and running lower pressures, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Immediately I noticed my cornering became much faster. I gained the confidence to hit corners faster than I ever had before. The feedback the product gave was a game changer. As a racer, I want laser specific accuracy and feedback to point my bike exactly where I want, and the FTD’s gave me exactly that. Finally, the most noticeable aspect of FTD ’s was the release of hand pain. This was something I always struggled from, preventing me from practicing and riding 100%. The inserts reduced my hand pain dramatically which allowed me to continue riding and practicing for much longer times, therefore creating better results. Thinking back I’m not sure how I ever rode without FTDs, and I plan to ride with them for the rest of my career!”

Katy Winton –Trek Factory Racing – Enduro World Cup – 10/24/17

“I’ve had FTD in my rear wheel all season and have never had a puncture with it across the most wild and varied terrain! We put our bikes and bodies through so much racing Enduro and the FTD gives me the confidence and reassurance that if I get a line wrong or smash down harder than I meant to I know the rim and tires are safe from punctures. Thanks for helping me secure 3rd overall in the EWS!!”

Team PROJECT/Switzerland – World Cup Downhill & iXS Downhill 10-10-17

“The whole “Team PROJECT” race team had been testing the FTD for the first time in the Anti-Gravity, San Romolo, Italy while in training camp, a track that is pretty tight, blocky and rocky. We were literally flashed as it felt. You do not have to be afraid to destroy your rim while riding, so you can focus on taking the fastest, which is mostly the roughest, line. The FTD stabilize the sidewall, so to blow your tire off the rim in a corner is almost impossible. For some weather conditions or tracks we are also able to adjust our tire pressure more than normal. Rather impressive factor is that it feels like a “third suspension” – it even helps against “arm pump.” All 7 of us use FTD front & back and could not imagine to ride without one!”

Caroline Washam

Flat Tire Defender Weekend Warrior – Caroline Washam

“After just a few races on the Flat Tire Defenders, I can already feel a huge difference. I have less upper body fatigue when I get to the bottom of rough, rocky courses and being able to run a few PSI less without worry of getting a flat or bashing my rim has been a game-changer for traction. FTD has given me the confidence to push harder because I have complete trust in my setup.”

Flat Tire Defender Weekend Warrior – Jordan Newth

“I just build my bikes last week and put the FTD system in both bikes.  So far I love them.  They have allowed me to push harder in rocky square edge sections with confidence and they really make the bike feel settled in the choppy parts.  The first race weekend was a bit of a wash for me.  Right now I couldn’t be happier with how the FTD systems make the bike feel.  Thank you guys so much for the support!”

Happy Customers — Winny & Kerim

“We were at Chatel Bike Park and it was crowded, I had to go too slow so I went through loose & sharp slate stone.  My tire gets chopped and the air was floating out; tire milk wasn’t able to close hole; people were screaming you have a flat tire man! Thanks to FTD I was able to finish the trail without jumping or falling off the bike; my rim stayed in perfect shape; a great sign of a functional and great product.”

Aaron Gwin defends title – 2017 USA National DH Champion with 3rd place to Intense rider, Charlie Harrison!  Keep rolling with Flat Tire Defenders!