Dean LucasAustralian National Champion

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Dean Lucas

“I’ve been running these Flat Tire Defenders the last three seasons now, and have never had a flat tire… ‘touch wood’! They’re awesome, they kind of let you run low pressure, you kind of get more grip and obviously doing that, I feel like you get better, better traction with Flat Tire Defenders. You don’t get as many rim digs you save your rims… no flat tires… very, very good product… HAPPY DAYS!

I run these in my downhill bike front and rear and my trail bike in the rear end. They weigh absolutely nothing and what you can get out of running these… I feel like its invaluable to have Flat Tire Defender on your bike! Grab some of these easy to install and you won’t get flat tires anymore and you be able to go faster… very, very good product… Cheers!”

Heidi Kanayan – ENDURO PRO RACER

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Heidi Kanayan

“What I loved best about the Flat Tire Defender was being able to run lower air pressure in chunky conditions, hard pack & variable dirt surfaces. In the past I had to give up traction and ride quality for durability and being able to finish. Plus, I really like how the FTD blustered tires with weak side walls that I would normally have to run really high air pressure to not fold in hard pack conditions that had the tread I wanted.”

Aaron Gwin – Intense Factory Racing
5X UCI World Cup Series Champion

“Game Changer… Love this product… Wouldn’t ride without it… More confidence!” – Aaron Gwin

Aaron Gwin – 5x UCI World Cup Champion

Flat Tire Defender® is proud to announce our renewal sponsorship commitment with the 2020 Intense Factory Racing Team.  Their feedback provides direction for on-going development proving our product, under worse case conditions, prior to market.  The three-man team will be led by Team Owner and 5-time World Cup Downhill Champion Aaron Gwin, Neko Mulally, 2018 & 2019 USA National Champion & Seth Sherlock, Squamish, BC, winner of the 2020 Tennessee Round of the US Pro GRT Downhill.


John Hall – Intense Factory Racing Mechanic

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John Hall – World Cup Mechanic for Aaron Gwin

“The new Flat Tire Defender is a little bit bigger with more dampening characteristics with minimal weight penalties.   Plus it adds confidence, speed and cuts fractions off lap times.  It’s a lot easier to install & uninstall and something that consumers will enjoy.

We’ve been running the FTD  for the past 5 years, both the front and the rear and we’ve noticed a big improvement at the races, increasing your suspension characteristics and just helps smooth out the ride. There’s no doubt Flat Tire Defender has helped us win races at the elite level of downhill racing.  Everyday average Joe, weekend warrior or weekend riders – go out get yourself a pair.  It will improve your ride and you won’t regret it!”

“Minimal weight… Increases suspension…
Easier to install & uninstall” – John Hall

Seth Sherlock – Intense Factory Racing
2020 Tennessee Round of the US Pro GRT Downhill Winner

Tracy Moseley
2006 & 2011 World Cup DH Champion
2010 World Downhill Champion
2013-2015 Enduro World Series Champion

Tracy Moseley 2019

“Racing Enduro is such a tough event where so many things can go wrong over the one or two days, so using FTD allows me to worry less about getting a puncture. But if I do puncture, knowing I can finish a stage on my rim still at good speed is also really valuable and can keep you still in the race. Over my 3 years of World Enduro racing I finished every race and never finished out of the top 3.  Thanks FTD :)”

Neko Mulally – Intense Factory Racing
2018 & 2019 USA National DH Campion

Intense Factory Racing Team

Intense Racing Team

Logan Mulally – Mechanic

Angel Suarez

“I’m super happy to be using Flat Tire Defender!

At the beginning, it was something I put on my wheel to prevent rim damage and it made a big difference. But the more I rode the insert I was super impressed on how good it makes my tires more progressive. The FTD also gives me the opportunity to run less pressure in my tires for more grip without loosing that good feeling in fast turns.”

Halvor Norris, Washington

“I am really enjoying using the Flat Tire Defender. I have only started using it this off season at Fort William and loved it straight away.

The thing I like the most about it, is that it really deadens the track. Fort William was a great place for me to test Flat Tire Defender inserts as it is one of the roughest tracks around. It allowed me to push in sections where I was a little nervous in the past. I don’t use this system for extra rim protection, however that is always a benefit!”

Danny Hart

“I am really enjoying using the Flat Tire Defender. I have only started using it this off season at Fort William and loved it straight away.

The thing I like the most about it, is that it really deadens the track. Fort William was a great place for me to test Flat Tire Defender inserts as it is one of the roughest tracks around. It allowed me to push in sections where I was a little nervous in the past. I don’t use this system for extra rim protection, however that is always a benefit!”

De Keyrel Racing

“This product and the crew at the FOX US Open were truly a pleasure to get to know. We talked to them on Saturday to learn more about the product. Ended up cutting a tire first practice run on Sunday morning. We decided to install the product since we had to mount a new tire anyway. The hustled to get the job completed so Mason could get a test run in before the final. They continued to make sure Mason was satisfied with everything all the way up to his final run.

Great People, Great Product. Highly recommend Flat Tire Defender. Thank You to Frank, Carol and the crew for the help at the FOX US Open Mountain Bike Event!”

De Keyrel Racing - FOX US Open 2019
Rachel Pageau 2019

Rachel Pageau –FTD Project Team

“Joined the Flat Tire Defender team a few weeks ago and have been running them in my bikes the last races & lemme tell you, it makes a difference even for a small weight! They allow you to run lower PSI so you get more traction on track without hitting rims in rockier sections. I call that a deal!”

Photo by Zach Faulkner

Nate Thalhamer – FTD Project Team

“I’ve been riding with the FTD foam inserts for the past 2 years and honestly I don’t remember what it’s like to race without them. It all started when I realized I was in need of some extra protection of the upcoming national championships, at first I didn’t notice a difference in my riding but over time it’s given me the confidence in my wheels and traction to hit turns faster than ever. It definitely took me some time to get used to the insert, but in the end it was 100% worth it. I know going into every race that I have the best product protecting my wheels!!”

Issac Allaire 2019

Isaac Allaire | FTD Project Team

Sugarbush VT Eastern States Cup

“So pumped to win both Downhill & Enduro races this weekend at Sugarbush VT Eastern States Cup. Got through the Enduro Sunday morning, had a small crash on stage one but strong results on the rest of the stages. The Downhill was going great til 1 minute in I heard my front tire spraying sealant; I had sliced my tire. Immediately I thought my run was over. I kept going and it sealed “enough” still seemed very soft, but my ‘flat tire defender’ saved my butt and made it rideable. Rideable enough to take the win! The tire read 9psi at the bottom. These inserts are the real deal, anyone who races Enduro or Downhill should have a set!”

Dean Lindsey | FTD Project Team

“Starting out, I thought that flat tire defenders would only be useful for protecting my rim and running lower pressures, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Immediately I noticed my cornering became much faster. I gained the confidence to hit corners faster than I ever had before. The feedback the product gave was a game changer. As a racer, I want laser specific accuracy and feedback to point my bike exactly where I want, and the FTD’s gave me exactly that. Finally, the most noticeable aspect of FTD ’s was the release of hand pain. This was something I always struggled from, preventing me from practicing and riding 100%. The inserts reduced my hand pain dramatically which allowed me to continue riding and practicing for much longer times, therefore creating better results. Thinking back I’m not sure how I ever rode without FTDs, and I plan to ride with them for the rest of my career!”

Caroline Washam 2019

Caroline Washam | FTD Project Team

“After just a few races on the Flat Tire Defenders, I can already feel a huge difference. I have less upper body fatigue when I get to the bottom of rough, rocky courses and being able to run a few PSI less without worry of getting a flat or bashing my rim has been a game-changer for traction. FTD has given me the confidence to push harder because I have complete trust in my setup.”

Jordan Newth | FTD Project Team

“I just build my bikes last week and put the FTD system in both bikes. So far I love them. They have allowed me to push harder in rocky square edge sections with confidence and they really make the bike feel settled in the choppy parts. The first race weekend was a bit of a wash for me. Right now I couldn’t be happier with how the FTD systems make the bike feel. Thank you guys so much for the support!”

Jordan Newth 2019
Ben Arnott

Ben Arnott – World Cup Mechanic

“Since our initial days testing the first FTD’s at Trek World Racing, we have seen a marked reduction in punctures, rim damage & air loss during downhill runs. The FTD that we now fit is a much refined and lighter product. We have tested competitors products and found that FTD delivered the best all round performance and we unanimously decided that it was the best flat product product for us. Plus the riders actually prefer the feel of the wheel system with FTD installed, noting that there is less feedback through the bars, a feeling of increased control, giving them more confidence to preform at their best. In terms of installation, it is only slightly more involved then setting a normal tubeless tire up and with practice can be done without tools. FTD has without doubt improved our chances of the result we want.”

Aaron Gwin Defends Title!

2017 USA National Downhill Champion with 3rd place to Intense rider, Charlie Harrison!

Keep rolling with Flat Tire Defenders!

2017 usa downhill champion Aaron Gwin