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Flat Tire Defender® Announces Danny Hart & Madison Saracen Sponsorship  |   April 25, 2019


Flat Tire Defender® has announced it is a new official sponsor to Madison Saracen and double World Champion Danny Hart for the 2019 downhill mountain bike season.

The brand’s foam inserts for MTB tyres are favoured among a number of high profile bikers, including Aaron Gwin and Tracey Moseley. They have now officially added the ‘Redcar Rocket’ to the already impressive roster of supported athletes alongside teammates Matt Walker and Alex Marin.


BIKEBIZ:  Madison to distribute Flat Tire Defender in the UK   |   October 5, 2018

BikeBiz-logoMadison will now distribute Flat Tire Defender throughout the UK.

The brand has 35 years of tyre engineering experience and makes industry-leading foam inserts for mountain bike tyres, that help to both minimise flats and protect rims.


CYCLING INDUSTRY NEWS:  Madison announces distribution deal with Flat Tyre Defender |   October 5, 2018

cycling-industry-news-logoMadison is set to become the distributor of Flat Tyre Defender throughout the UK in a new partnership deal.

Flat Tyre Defender manufactures foam inserts for mountain bike tyres to help minimise flats and protect rims, while dampening vibrations and improving durability. The brand has 35 years experience in tyre engineering, with its airless technology the choice of UCI World Cup Downhill Series Championship winner Aaron Gwin.


PINK BIKE:  Reports on Sugarbush ESC featuring Isaac Allaire & FTD   |   July, 2018

isaac alaireHistory was made in the men’s pro race as Defiant Racing’s Isaac Allaire completed the first BOX Components double win. Rachel Pageau has earned several double victories on the women’s side in the past but the elusive feat had never been accomplished by a man until this weekend. “I wanted to win the DH really bad. I had gone first and third in the Enduro and DH for 2 years in a row now and I had to do it. I went out the start gate in my DH run fast and had a nearly perfect run going until I started to hear air and sealant spray out of my front tire before I even entered the woods section of the track. I’m thinking to myself it’s over. The tire was soft but seemed rideable, so I gave it my best go! I tried to ride smooth and flow through the corners to avoid my tire rolling. I made it to the bottom, and ended up putting down a solid time. I couldn’t believe it considering my puncture. Turns out I only had 9 psi in my front tire when I crossed the line. My Flat Tire Defender saved my butt and everyone who races DH or Enduro should have some. Big thank you to Sugarbush for hosting an awesome race and supporting me with a great training ground. Glad I only live an hour away!”

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PINK BIKE:  Eastern States Cup Announces Schedule Updates & New Registration System   |   April, 2018

maxxis esc logoWith the start of the Maxxis Eastern States Cup racing season just weeks away, the stoke is building and sure to reach fever pitch when wheels hit dirt at the Glen Park Enduro on April 21-22. A few tweaks and additions have been made to the 2018 schedule and all the news is good. In case you missed it, here is a link to our season announcement.

What follows is a brief rundown of some last-minute changes to the 2018 season.

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VITALMTB  |   March 17, 2017

“Does It Really Prevent Pinch Flats? Vital Tests the Flat Tire Defender”

I posted a Vital MTB forum thread in May of 2014 asking “Why are flat tires something we still see these days?” Some riders were plagued by the typical race-robbing issues of pinch flats at the first two World Cup DH events. “We have $10,000 bikes but we can’t keep air in the tires if they’re hit just right?” I was frustrated and I’m not even a racer getting hosed or a team sponsor watching tens of thousands of dollars go down the drain on a single race effort.


PINKBIKE TECH  |   February 9, 2017

pink bike logo“Downhill Secret Revealed: Flat Tire Defender Foam Inserts – First Look”

Frank Stacy has been designing tires longer than most Pinkbike members have been riding mountain bikes, and before that, he was doing the same for off-road motorcycles. Stacy keeps a low profile, and he’s worked for a number of elite brands, so while you’ve may have never heard his name, there is a good chance that you have ridden his work.


red bull logoRED BULL – #MTB  |   February 13, 2017

“Aaron Gwin reveals his secret race weapon”

The four-time World Cup Champion unveils game-changing tyre technology – Flat Tire Defender foam inserts. In a season that saw Aaron Gwin make a shock move from Specialized to YT Industries, it turns out that there was something else new for the four-time World Cup Champion in 2016.


COOL THINGS  |   February 17, 2017

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“Use The Flat Tire Defender To Eliminate Pinch Flats And Rim Dings”

Whether on a single trail or downhill course, riding a mountain bike is oodles of fun. You know what’s not fun? All the sharp rocks, hard roots, and scattered branches that could push your tire in so hard against the rim that it causes a serious flat.